Define what you truly want to accomplish and develop a personalized strategy to get it done.

Leverage your key strengths and enhance your ability to attract others with complementary skills.

Reduce personal and professional stress and find harmony with both.

Find your True North and live it!


Hi, I’m Cheryl

Hi, I’m Cheryl

I know you want to lead with self-awareness and authenticity.
With over 4 decades of corporate leadership experience, my values are clear; relationships are built on integrity and trust. Without that, the leader can’t lead and no one wants to follow.

If you’re struggling to lead effectively, I can help you to grow and create an inviting culture that encourages others to come along with you.


  • ACC Certified through the International Coaching Federation
  • Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Executive Certificate
  • Certified Tetra Map Facilitator
  • MBA, Nova Southeastern University
  • B.S., Howard University

Leadership Coaching

Designed and developed for the leader in you!

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Get your leadership back on track!

Get your leadership back on track!


The executive and coach will have challenging and thoughtful conversations in a safe and confidential environment. This allows the leader to dive deeply into areas of strength and opportunities for growth. Intentional and sustained changes occur throughout and beyond the engagement.

A Response to VUCA

The executive lives in VUCA, an environment that is routinely volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. By focusing on emotional intelligence skills, a personal vision, and performing consistent mindful practices, the leader can remain solution-oriented with effective problem-solving strategies.

A Confidence/Presence Builder

The executive and coach often find the engagement opens new insights and awareness that will transform the depth of communication with colleagues, teams, and leaders at all levels.